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Dennis J. Gesualdi, DC, CSP, FIAMA



Names are withheld to protect the privacy of the patients.

"You all have kept me up and walking during a very difficult time. Your compassionate care has been a life saver! Thank you so much!."

"Thank you so much for seeing me in an emergency situation and making it possible for me to travel…when my sacrum attacked me, I wasn’t sure I could. "

"Thank you so very much for helping me through my pain. I was a complete wreck when I started coming here over 2 months ago. I am feeling much better and am having fewer days of great pain unless I overdo it. I appreciate you and your kind and courteous staff. God Bless and Much Gratitude. "

"I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful you are. I wish I lived closer so that I could have your continued care. Thank you so very much for everything you’ve done for me during the most difficult time of my recovery/healing. I remain forever grateful."

"Thank you so much for your kindness and expertise. I am doing much better, thanks to your treatments."

"I am writing to thank you so much for helping me in my recovery. The compassion you’ve shown me has changed my perspective on self-care dramatically. I am so delighted to have seen almost all of my muscle aches and migraines disappear through your stewardship knowledge and guidance. Thank you for being part of my journey. I am humbled by your compassion. You guys rock! "

"Dr. G.,
Thank you for your help for Jim and me - your caring and ability to give aid and hope when things really seem down.  You are truly a gift to me (Jim, too) and you can't know how much I appreciate the time that you spend explaining, etc."

You are a big part of why I feel like a normal person again!"

"Dr. Gesualdi,
Thank you so much for helping me to feel less pain and to learn to better deal with it when it does arise.  Both you and your staff were remarkable.  I don't think I will be able to look at another permanent marker the same.  Again, thank you for your generosity."

"I appreciate the time you have spent studying my case. Your kind, gentle way has helped me a great deal while I have been in so much pain."

"Dear Dr. G. and Elaine,
Thank you!!!  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be your patient.  I will always remember you and keep you in my prayers.  I hope that you have health, freedom from pain (except when it's gotta hurt) and much happiness throughout this life.  If I ever make it back to Williamsburg, I'll come by and say "hi." Muchisimas gracias, que dios te bendiga!  Thank you! Merci!  Gracias!  Efaristo!  Aloha!  Arigato!  Gratzie!  Spacebo!  Danke!"

Dear Dr. Gesualdi,  
When I first heard of the expression "a grateful alcoholic" I couldn't fathom what any alcoholic would be grateful for -- now I am beginning to identify myself as one of those "grateful, recovering alcoholics". I count you as one of the gifts that being an alcoholic has brought into my life. From my first days in treatment to the present you have been a source of healing in my recovery -- from physically treating my body to nurturing my spiritual growth.
With gratitude, C.

Dear Dr G and Staff,   Thank you for such a wonderful and blessed experience.  I am enriched just having met all of you.  Your kindness, warmth, expertise and professionalism are exceptional. I will keep you all in my prayers and in my heart.  I can not thank you all enough!

Dr. G,  

Just wanted to let you know how much I greatly appreciate all the time and effort you have put into helping me.  I feel truly blessed to have you as a part of my life during this rough time.  I know there is no way I would be doing this well without your dedication and knowledge.  You have a rare gift, and anyone who crosses your path that is willing to do the work with you has been given a great opportunity.  Just wanted to let you know that I owe you a lifelong debt of gratitude!

February 17, 2010

"In response to the 52-year-old woman requesting a "pain management doctor," I highly recommend a consult visit with Dr. Dennis Gesualdi, a chiropractor, at 757-565-6464.  I have watched many patients with long-term pain issues improve dramatically after visits to him.  My husband, a retired physician, was against chiropractors until he visited Dr. Gesualdi.  I am currently under his care, with remission of problems I have had since the 1980s.  A consult with him will reveal whether or not he can help you; he will not proceed if he cannot.  I cannot recommend any chiropractor, only the one whose results I am confident about."

February 24, 2010

"I echo the reader's gratitude to Dr. Gesualdi.  I am 76, and for 15 years I have haunted orthopedists and podiatrists with skeletal and foot problems.  On my first visit to Gesualdi, he diagnosed flat feet and a short leg as conditions that exacerbated my pain and deformity.  Last Wednesday I picked up the spinal pelvic stabilizers he prescribed.  I am now sleeping through the night without pain, standing straight and walking without a limp.  I wear them during all waking hours, but my husband insists that I take off my shoes when I go to bed!"

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